Borderlands, a custom SP in the work, testers needed !

As every day, I check several forums to see what’s new. Few days ago, a thread got my attention & I didn’t post until today. To help the guy which is a well know pro mapper, I’ve said to myself that a little pub to help him out in this project wouldn’t hurt 🙂

So this is what is all about :

Looking for some people to help test out a Borderlands level. A little about the project:

This level is part of a much larger project I’m under taking. I’m making an entire SP campaign for Borderlands, this level will basically be a central hub for a lot of quests and missions to require them and turn them in at, sort of like new heaven was in the game itself, but on a much much larger scale. The map doesn’t have any enemies, and won’t have any enemies as that’s not is purpose.

I’m looking for anyone and everyone who is interested who owns Borderlands on the PC and is interested in testing for bugs/glitches. If you are interested send me a PM on the BU forums.

Go over the BU thread for details.

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