VCTF-Valhalla 2010 by Sp4der as been added in the non finals

This is another version of this well popular Halo map. I remember I played the map a few years ago. I liked it but I’m surprise it is that popular. This is the 5th version of the map for UT3 so far ! Halo fan have a good variety of this map in there hands 😀

Epic link.


  1. hi Steve!
    are you sure there are 5 versions of Valhalla for ut3?
    I only know of the old remake vctf-valhalla-alpha3 and my remake.
    I’d be glad if you could post some links or say where I can find them 😉


  2. Ah alright, you meant Valhara^^ that’s a different map, only the name sounds very similar 🙂 I think it has nothing to do with Halo 😉


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