Players: 2 – 4
Version: 1.6
Released: 16-10-2022
Download: UTCC
Readme: Google Drive
Checksum: 80bf54a727ea867acfb3109e7e5486f6

Story / Histoire

Nestled in the caves of the Dakylian, this peaceful sanctuary was formerly that of Elik, one of the greatest sword fighter in the country of creatures of shadows. Then, LMC found him…

Niché au cœur des grottes du Dakylian, ce sanctuaire paisible était autrefois celui d’Elik, un des plus grand combattant à l’épée du pays des créatures d’ombres. Puis, LMC le trouva…

A little gameplay video :


Local Drive:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\DownloadedPaks or
Local Drive:\UT4\UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks

If this directory is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


One of my all time favorite UT map is DM-1on1-Alzonia by Slainchild. I’ve decided to make my own map based on his layout. Of course, it’s not a remake and few changes as been added to fits UT4 movements, like wall run and slope dodge and I added a new escape ramp near the Bio Rifle 🙂

DM-Elik is a duel focussed map but still play well with 4 players.

For DM-Elik, I’m using Epic Soul Cave assets. It was a extremely long process to import all static meshes into UT and recreate all materials functions, materials, materials instances from scratch. But, I must say that I’m very proud of the results 😀

A good amount of time was spend to create the custom Jumpad. I wanted something that look magic, mysterious, organic and of course unique 🙂

Note, for all my levels I use Temporal AA since it offers the best visuals.


  1. So beautiful and pleasant to play!

    Altogether very nice. If you ever wanted, please try to take a similar theme/visuals and make it into a DM/ELIM or CTF maps. I am not a fan of Duels myself so unfortunately I will not play myself much of this in the future.

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  2. Played the Revised DM-ELIK-B1. WOW I didn’t recognise it at first the new Graphics really Pump this Map Up! Great Job STEVE! And THANKS, mappers like you will really help keep UT alive!

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  3. Beautiful map Steve! A shame Epic is not working on it because I think each of your maps would be candidates to be built into the game like the few community maps that made it in. I’m goofing off in the editor now and then but I’m not going to put a bunch of effort in at this point with Epic not giving us any info. We can’t expect anything from Epic at this point.

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  4. Beautiful map Steve. Your maps deserve to be part of the vanilla game due to their high quality. Well done.

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  5. Steve, just downloaded and played DM-Elik, what an awesome looking map! It has a relatively simple layout but plays realy well. Just downloaded ALL you other DM maps and looking forward to playing them.

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      1. I’ll definitely post comments of them all. Just had crack at DM-Aly and loved that too, I really like that natural style of map as opposed to a Sci-Fi theme, it just looks so fantastic. I’m going to have a crack at one myself. I actually need to load all your maps without bots so I can just wander around and be amazed at the work you have done.

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        1. I too, when loading a high expected map for the first time, I fool around without bots just to appreciate the mapper hard work 😀 Then, I add the bots and play.


  6. This map I played most of your maps Steve. Thanks for this Gem.
    As a player I get absorbed in this map very well. Nice fitting background music.
    And nice what you did with the lighting. The jump pads are indeed of a unique kind. The first time I played this map I wondered how my opponent moves like that through the air 🙂

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  7. Hé hé,

    Yep, lot’s of love as been put in this little map and I’m happy you like it that much 🙂

    My jumpad is base on the game one but it as more air control so it make a big difference, even for bots 😀


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