Name: Mégane
Game type: DM / TDM
Version: WIP
Players: 6 – 12
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 01 / 05 / 12
Downloads: GoogleDrive, MediaFire

Story / Histoire

Following the deconstruction of an office building, the board of directors of Mégane city decided to sell the site. The city approved several private companies to build a underground housing project. Therefore, countless fights took place between the different companies. Following their endless quarrels, it was decided by the board to abandon the idea.

Suite à la déconstruction d’un édifice à bureau, le conseil d’administration de la ville de Mégane a décidé de vendre le site. La ville a donné son approbation à plusieurs entreprises privées de construire un projet domiciliaire souterrain. Hors, d’innombrables disputes ont eu lieu entre les différentes entreprises. Par conséquent, suite à leurs querelles interminables, il a été décidé par le conseil d’administration d’abandonner l’idée.


Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :



For this theme, It’s the first time I use a combination of brick and techy meshes & materials. My inspiration come from stock maps but as always, I use my own style of mixing the assets to obtain a different look and atmosphere. I also want to obtain an UT99 feel to it. The blue and red colors are pretty much dominant in UT99. My goal is to obtain the classic look and feel by using colors and no saturation. The main color is yellowish and all areas use little spots of blue and/or red colors like in the old times. Expect contrast and darker lighting in many spots, like in real life.


– Many broken / rotating fans
– A custom emitter for the dark smoke
– A garage door that move up / down
– A huge hi-tech tower with 2 rotating sections
– A platform of crates that goes up
– A yellow vibrating machine
– 2 floating / moving barrels in the water
– Red flashing lights for some defective machinery
– Many custom made materials (made for all buildings outside the play area, all floors, etc) and 3 custom meshes
– Enhanced many stock materials by adding more details maps, tweaking specularity, etc
– The map as been optimized for TDM


  1. Impressive map! It’s obvious how much work has been put into building it. Also it turned out to be my favorite type – explorable. Stepped on one of elevators and tought – ”this one moves too slow, no lift jump huh?” but suddenly – wild Keg O’Health appeared – ooooooh 😀


  2. Ha ha ! 😀

    THX & I’m happy you like it 🙂

    The lift speed that lead to the KEG is slower to respect the risk vs. reward gameplay aspect. I wanted to add some adrenaline while trying to grab it so players are vulnerable to flak alternate fire / shock combo / sniper headshot from the hole in front héhé :p


  3. I’m a bit late to the party but excellent job on this one M8!
    Layout is tops while being matched with some superb visuals!
    I think you’ve pulled off the modern ‘run down’ theme superbly! Everything fits together very nicely!

    In particular I really like your lighting on this one as it’s a lot more varied compared to your other maps. (you know me and my preference for lots of colors)

    This is my favorite map by you so far M8! Good stuff! 😀


  4. I have to say hats off, this is one hell of good map Steve. The large size took me by surprise but I’ve come to appreciate over time. I really admire the lighting, it elaborates an ambiance that molds itself around the theme so well. The meshing, architecture and theme are a culmination of so many good idea, I got a kick out of all the extra details you added both inside and out. Those city building surrounding the map are very cool too, I’m impressed how far you’ve pushed the asset set. The articulated layout offers so many possibilities making a map that has tons of re-playability, top job. Thanks for all your efforts Steve, top job.


  5. Fantastic work, congratulations. Thank you for all the hours that you have committed to ensure another enjoyable level for the players of this great game. It is commendable to see that some one takes pride in what he does. I am fortunate to have an excellent GPU. The graphics are excellent. Kind regards.


  6. Hey Steve, are you sure Megane is not the name of a beautiful girlfriend of yours because this map is hot! When do you go to work for Epic? I love all of the detail in this map. Ambient sounds are great and the layout keeps it all interesting. I like the little bit of “crackmet” in the middle with the barrels going up also. Anyway, another great, retail quality map from you. Congrats!


  7. Woohoo, tight factory fragging, nice textures/meshes and music choice, good bots and great flow; lots of places to run, hide, come back, turn around, etc.; not a big fan of that one slow lift though. Good lighting and also liked the fans, steam, garage, wild central floor, and surrounding cityscape with black smoke.


  8. One of the finest! This is wonderful Steve, the title of this map is a French and looks cool indeed ! Pretty cool about meshes, lighting, architecture, sound effects, skybox, buildings, fans, pipes, alternative areas, and some other stuffs I’ve mentioned that added into an unique atmosphere. Gameplay is good, z-axis fun, and the bots are fine here (and tough also).


  9. Awww… Again too late to the party. 😦

    Thanks for this great map though! You can be proud of your work. 😀


  10. I’ve tested your map, no issues! 😀

    Look: Very detailed, I’m sure, you’ve spend a bunch of time for this.

    Playing: I played it with few bots and my >SledgeHammer< and had a lot of fun!

    All in all… great work! Thanks! 😀


  11. Haha, this map is pure pleasure! It looks great and it makes a hell load of fun to play! I do really like the industrial design, combined with strong colors and lights! Once again, you did a great job there and I’m looking forward to anything new by you! Search and destroy!!! 🙂


  12. Finally got to play the map and I must say, it’s pretty damn awesome.

    Game play is solid. The items, weapons, and such seem very spaced out. There were a few little areas I wouldn’t have noticed with out the bots help.

    The visuals are great as per usual with your maps. There does seem to be a lot of custom stuff, even though it does have that familiar feel to it (mainly the brick assets). The best area to appreciate visually is the center courtyard area, especially looking up… very nice.

    I also like all of the small details you put into your maps. The “lift” signs, that lift taking up the boxes. The recessed areas with water in it (I guess to cool off stuff???).

    Anyways, it would have been nice to see the development, but ultimate it’s nice to play it.

    Excellent work.


  13. OK let me try this again .. last night the power kicked on me while I was posting in this thread.

    While visually the map is quit nice; these industrial type of maps and assets can sometimes have a ‘dirty’ or ‘grungy’ look to them yet somehow you’ve managed to keep it clean & give it more of a pure look – it all makes sense & it everything fits appropriately – excellent work there dude! I also like what you’ve done with customizing materials and your choices on non-stock textures. Your style actually reminds my of my own in some ways, not necessarily as much on the material side but more on the 3D side / depth: recessed areas, below the floors, in the walls, inaccessible areas, and places that just look cool even if players can’t get to them, I try to do a lot of this in my maps so I really pay attention to stuff like this and love to see other mappers ad these touches, well done with theses effects!

    The animated lift with the barrels is also really slick IMO you brought the map to life with this cool unique effect. I’m also really into animated / dynamic things in maps because they help to create a rich vibrant atmosphere, almost like a living world. 😉

    The scale, layout and pickups all flow well and the map is a blast! I liked bombing the bots with the Alt-Flak as they stood on the upper platforms across from me, it seems like they like to spend time up there with me. You’re music choice fits the map, but did I hear subtle kill stingers? or was I hearing things.

    Impressive work Steve!


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