UE4 resources

Here, you will find only free, high quality materials (Mat), static meshes (SM), textures (TX), special effects (FX), audio packs and so on from various authors. All authors are freely distributing their assets so you can use them for your project no matter if it’s for personal or commercial use 😀 Don’t forget that many assets listed in my UDK resources page and in my UT3 resources page can be use with UE4 !

Many many assets in this page are uploaded to my GoogleDrive. If available, click on (DL) to directly download each asset. Many assets are downloadable from CGTrader, Cubebrush, Gumroad, Patreon, Turbosquid or at the author website. I also provide a link so you can post your comments on a forum (Thread) or at the author site (Website). The assets from my GoogleDrive are compress with 7-Zip and password free. Just unzip the archive and voilà! To learn how to import assets in your project, go at UE Wiki 🙂

Note that with UE4, come the Marketplace. The Marketplace is simply put a catalog of assets in constant evolution. Some assets are free and some are costly. You can also found lot’s of the Marketplace content in the Marketplace forums.

Readers, please, share this page and add your like! The more people are aware of this awesome free high quality content page, the better for the community so those resources can be put in use 😉 It will also demonstrate that you like and appreciate my efforts for you.

Aaron Neal Blueprint advanced grass (DL) (Thread)

Aender Lara Free textures (Gumroad)

Aleksey-K Road concrete fence LP (CGTrader)

Alex Gomersall Mushrooms (DL) (Thread)

Alex Gomersall Old library (DL) (Thread)

Alex Sychov Laboratory device (CGTrader)

Alex Sychov Sci-Fi Generic Prop (CGTrader)

Almgp 4 materials – Rock and ground (DL) (Thread)

Anafeyka Knife and Blade (DL Knife) (DL Blade) (Thread)

Anastasia Concept Tropical coral reef 2 (DL) (Thread)

Arduinna Silva Studio Stone 002 (CGTrader)

Artem Lebedev 30 free PBR materials (Gumroad)

Athos Arantes Pereira Street elements pack (CGTrader)

Auke Huys Chesterfield couch and vintage TV (Gumroad)

Avik244 Realistic tree pack (Gumroad) (Thread)

Basspixel 6 dark textures pack (DL)

Basspixel 6 dusty particle textures pack (DL)

Can Durmaz Photorealistic rocks (Gumroad)

Chamferbox Discobolus of Myron (DL) (Thread)

CG Spartans Parallax Occlusion master materials (Gumroad)

D880 Free UE4 assets

Dev666rej Land assets (DL)

Dimdimich Rock – PBR game ready (CGTrader)

Epic Games Infiltrator content for free (Blog)

Epic Games Paragon Agora and Monolith content for free (Marketplace)

Epic Games Soul Cave content for free (Marketplace)

Epic Games Soul City content for free (Marketplace)

Eric Matyas Soundimage.org (Thread)

Soundimage, a new royalty free music and soundscapes site by Eric Matyas. Eric Matyas is an indie filmmaker and also create original music for his fellow artists and media creators and that’s what his site is all about. He create and offer a wide range of music style, from Action to Urban music style and can also produce custom music tracks if you hear a piece that you’d like customized, or if you would like him to produce a custom piece for your project 🙂

Funnynel42 Medieva light assets (DL) (Thread)

Gabro Media PBR Barrels (CGTrader)

Hannah Lavigne Terracotta 2 (CGTrader)

IceKazim Rock (CGTrader)

Igor Dmytrenko Floor metal panel (DL) (Thread)

Ivan Amad Street cone (CGTrader)

James Butcher Elysium grenade (DL) (Thread)

James Butcher Medical deck assets (DL) (Thread)

Jasper Meiners Pebble ground material (CGTrader)

Jeremy Baldwin Dynamic radial mask (DL) (Thread)

Jeremy Baldwin VFX gas planet (DL) (Thread)

John Rose Textures pack 1 (DL) (Thread)

Leonid Kuzyakin Black marble tiles PBR (CGTrader)

Leonid Kuzyakin White marble tiles PBR (CGTrader)

Lincoln Hughes Displacement blend materials (Gumroad)

Lluis Garcia Trees Library (Gumroad) (Thread)

mAlkAv!An Foliage pack (DL) (Thread)

Marc Obiols Free photogrammetry props + ressources 01 (Gumroad) (website)

Maxime Galland Planet textures (website)

Michal Orzelek Assets pack (DL)

Michal Orzelek Barracks (Website)

Michal Orzelek Castle tower (Website)

Michal Orzelek Glass (Website)

Michal Orzelek Glock 19 (Website)

Michal Orzelek PC camera (Website)

Michal Orzelek Stone 01 (Website)

Michal Orzelek Stone 02 (Website)

Michal Orzelek Tile 01 (Website)

Michal Orzelek Tile 02 (Website)

Michael Betke Birch Trees (CGTrader)

Mikhail Bakhirev Stylized Foliage LP (CGTrader)

Mikołaj Spychał Photoscanned materials for terrains (Gumroad) (Thread)

Misay Cartoon mushroom (CGTrader)

NDFJay Computer assets pack (DL) (Thread)

Nathan Myers Damaged tarp vertex paint material (ArtStation)

Nathan Myers Fake cloud shadows material (ArtStation)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 01-10 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 11-20 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 21-30 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 31-40 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 41-50 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 51-60 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 61-70 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 71-80 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 81-90 (Gumroad)

Nikola Damjanov Free material marathon pack 91-100 (Gumroad)

Nobiax 36 metal plates (DL) (Website)

Nobiax Bricks texture (Gumroad)

Nobiax Concrete texture (deviantart)

Nobiax GoldMarbleWoodFloor texture (Gumroad)

Nobiax Handpainted plants (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax Handpainted plants 2 (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax IDKWIAD 0 (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax IDKWIAD 3 (Cubebrush)

Nobiax IDKWIAD 4 (Cubebrush)

Nobiax LowPoly rocks set # 1 (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax LowPoly rocks set # 2 (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax Medkits (Cubebrush)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 2 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 3 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 4 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 5 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 6 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 7 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 8 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 9 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 10 (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 2 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 3 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 4 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 5 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 6 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 7 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 8 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 9 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 10 – cluster (Patreon)

Nobiax Postal n cardboards (Cubebrush)

Nobiax Remote detonators (Cubebrush)

Nobiax Rocks texture (Cubebrush)

Nobiax Stylized lawn grass weeds (DL) (Patreon)

Nobiax Textures pack # 64 (DL) (Website)

Nobiax Textures pack # 65 (DL) (Website)

Nobiax Textures pack # 66 (DL) (Website)

Nobiax Textures pack # 67 (Gumroad)

Nobiax Textures pack # 68 (Gumroad)

Nobiax Textures pack # 69 (deviantart)

Nobiax Tiles texture (Cubebrush)

Nobiax Wood flooring (Patreon)

Nobiax Wooden crates v. 2 (DL) (Website)

ntash PBR Barrels (CGTrader)

Papptimus Water caustics (DL) (Thread)

Pavel Ksenofontov Magic ball material for UE4 (DL)

Philipp Nasahl Foliage starter kit (DL) (Thread)

Photogrammetry store Rock cliff scan LP (CGTrader)

Pixel-cloud Stone Low-Poly (CGTrader)

PolyModels Blueprint procedural blinds generator (Thread) (Website)

PolyModels Blueprint procedural book generator (Thread) (Website)

PolyPixel Freebie pack (Website)

Rabidworm333 Couch (DL) (Thread)

Roel Bartstra Material for Level Designers (DL) (Thread)

Ruslans3D Cardboard package box LP (CGTrader)

Salar Nouri Mountain rock scan LP (CGTrader)

Samize Cthulhu statuette (CGTrader)

Samize Sword of Artorias (CGTrader)

Sebastian Beldean Brick seamless (CGTrader)

Semen Almyashev VFX material pack (DL)

Sergei Gereev Old painted brick wall (Cubebrush)

Sergei Gereev Old red bricks (Cubebrush)

Sergei Kushnir 8 free materials (Gumroad)

Shahid Abdullah PBR oil barrels (CGTrader)

Sieben Corgie Blueprint simple road tool (Thread)

Slatcher (CGTrader)

Solar System Scope Planet Textures (DL)

Sowulo Stone (CGTrader)

StormGS Cosmogonical Adventure audio pack (DL) (Thread) (Website)

StormGS Island adventure vol.1 Lite (2D content) (DL) (Thread) (Website)

StormGS Low-Poly Universe (Thread) (Website)

StormGS Metropolis textures pack (Thread) (Website)

StormGS Space Battle Arena (Thread) (Website)

StormGS The Monolith (Thread) (Website)

StormGS The Thriller Show audio pack (DL) (Website)

Sungwoo Lee PBR textures vol. 1 (Gumroad) (Thread)

Taras Granite stone 2 (CGTrader)

Texture Labs 20 materials (DL)

Theo Jang Shirakawago village set, house 1 (Turbosquid)

Tomas Buran Bakery products pack (Gumroad) (use discount code: freeholidays)

Tomas Buran Fruits and vegetables pack (Gumroad) (use discount code: freeholidays)

Tomas Buran Photoscanned textile materials pack (Gumroad) (use discount code: freeholidays)

Udorn Standard material presets for beginner (Gumroad)

Vollgaser Modern staircase (Gumroad)

Yoeri ‘Luos’ Vleer Free noise textures pack (Luos) (Thread)

Yoeri ‘Luos’ Vleer Modular caves / rocks mini pack (DL) (Thread)


  1. Thank you for taking the time to put this together for everyone, and if any of the creators pop over here, Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So you’re telling me i can use all of these magnificent assets in my games, even commercial for free? If so, you and the creators of these are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. Just wow. thanks so much steve, this is incredible i will share so others have access to this amazing site :).

    Liked by 2 people

  4. The asphalt textures are no longer free, they’re listed as $3+
    The crosshair gumroad links are invalid, one leads to a download page demanding an email (i.e your local download link, not the public purchase link) and the other is 404.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THX for letting me know. Sadly, I had to remove all of those in this page since I couldn’t found another official, legit free link / mirror 😦

      Have a nice day.


  5. The photogrammetric rocks 1-10 and the photogrammetric rock cluster 1-10 have a problem when extracting it says it is incomplete from winrar on my windows and RAR archive on mac. I never had this issue before and I think the files are corrupted in a way.


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