Mobile gaming

BlastPoints, available for mobile gaming

BlastPoints is an intense, aerobatic space combat game for iOS. Taking control of a customizable fighter with over half a million equipment and weapon combinations, players attempt to dispose of wave after wave of tenacious enemies in close-quarter dogfights. With nine different gameplay types (including Time Attack, Survival and Deathmatch), fast-paced missions and beautiful graphics all utilizing the power of the Unreal Engine 3 BlastPoints delivers a quick-play, adrenaline-charged shooter on mobile devices.

Now available on Apple store. All info at the official website. Enjoy the BlastPoints Announce Trailer 😀

SnowJinks! available for mobile gaming

A new game from Uppercut Games. It look, sound and feel damn nice and simple 🙂 One of the previous title is ; Epoch: Post-apocalyptic robot combat which is an awesome game 😀

Now available on Apple store.

Sphoxie, available for mobile gaming

Nice, simple, clean and cute game 😀 The info :

From the author : In Sphoxie you must help our little spikey blue spherical dude get back home after a portal sucked him to a strange cube world. Many dangers and obstacles await, can you handle it?

Head over the official website for more details. Buy the game on Apple store.

Min – A space adventure, available for mobile gaming

Min – A space adventure is now free for a limited time. Download now and compete for the fastest time to win prizes in their contest running through Oct 10th!

Head over Cwerki Studios for more details.
Buy the game on AppStore.

Enjoy the Launch trailer 😀

Wild Blood, available for mobile gaming

Gameloft has harnessed the power of the revolutionary Unreal Engine to bring unimaginable battles in real-time, full-3D graphics. Live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot as you never have before!

King Arthur has gone mad, fueled by his jealousy toward Lancelot for romancing his wife, Queen Guinevere. In his desperation, Arthur has been tricked by his sister, the all-powerful sorceress Morgana Le Fey, to open the Hellgate and allow all forms of demons to enter the world. Meanwhile, Morgana has captured Guinevere and holds her hostage on the magical island of Avalon.

Now Lancelot needs to confront King Arthur and the evil Morgana in order to free the world from these evil creatures and save Guinevere. The time for Sir Lancelot to face his destiny is now!

Head over the official website for more details.
Buy the game on Apple store.

Demons’ Score, available for mobile gaming

DEMONS’ SCORE is a break-beat action game that seamlessly fuses music and battles. The Unreal Engine 3 is used to deliver thrilling touch-based gameplay through a mind-blowing fusion of stunning graphics and music.

Head over the official website for more details.
Buy the game on Apple store.

iTapPirate, available for mobile gaming

Look & sound like a very cool game 😀 The info :

The game runs on iOS and features high definition graphics with a Holographic view mode that allows perceiving objects like if they were popping out of the screen. It also includes more than an hour of an Epic adventure in the campaign mode while traveling through visually stunning environments and committing mass pirate genocide in the name of survival. For an endless excitement, the gameplays combines survival modes with a highly social network to allow bragging on twitter, facebook or just smashing down the leaderboards with amazing scores by using PowerUps, destroying the levels while you go through and performing spectacular killings while in Slow Motion.

Head over the official website for more details.
Buy the game on Apple store.

Horn, a upcoming game for mobile gaming

I like the visuals, sounds, music and gameplay of this upcoming game for mobile devices 😀

Smashing-looking action-combat game from the developer of Dark Meadows (Phosphor Games) and published by Zynga for iOS and Android.

Follow the game on the Facebook page.