Players: 4 – 8
Version: WIP
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Story / Histoire

In a distant, arid and desolate place similar to Mars, is the remote station known as Thaq, a station which was abandoned by its occupants whose existence Axon Research Corporation discovered quite by accident during an exploration of this region. This place was deemed to be an excellent training venue. Condition your reflexes to be sharp, precise and fast, otherwise…

Dans un endroit lointain, aride et désolé semblable à Mars, se situe le poste éloigné dénommé Thaq, un poste qui a été abandonné par ses occupants don’t Axon Research Corporation a découvert l’existence tout-à-fait par hasard lors d’une exploration de cette région. Cet endroit a été jugé comme étant un excellent lieu d’entrainement. Conditionne tes réflexes à être vif, précis et rapide, sinon…


Put the files into ‘…UnrealTournamentUnrealTournamentContent’ directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


I’m using completely new assets from the Mothership service rooms assets pack. I bought this pack so I could create a map that, in the contrary of few regular sci-fi packs I use for my previous maps, assets aren’t super shiny but rather dirty and worn. So, it will be my first UT4 map that has a sci-fi / industrial / dirty look 😀

Therefore, the pack misses deco meshes, like pipes, barrels, wires, etc. I’ve found some nice free LP pipes meshes on CGTrader I could use in this level. Like the barrel that I added founded in one of the marketplace free HQ sci-fi pack, I had to tweak the material so it look dirty and worn.

Outside the map, for the scenery, I add planets with subtle light shaft at the horizon. The planet comes from the StarSphere pack, which include all what it take to craft a awesome space environment.

I also add many custom VFX, like slow dust particles, fast dust particles, electric sparks, smoke, steam, water leak and various rotating fans all around the level.

Furthermore, Thaq use a custom music track called Anesthetic coming from FOnline OST album by Xcentric Noizz which fit’s very well for UT 🙂