Players: 6 – 10
Version: WIP
Released: n/a
Download: n/a
Checksum: n/a

Story / Histoire



Put the files into ‘…UnrealTournamentUnrealTournamentContent’ directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


Since I like to use different assets pack from map to map, I choose the Spaceship interior environment set this time. Therefore, this awesome looking pack doesn’t have a huge asset choices to work with. Let see how it will end up 🙂

Note, for all my maps I use Temporal AA since it offer the best visuals.


  1. Such a nice place to make even more decal stay beauty!
    May I suggest some more scattered box’s to breakup longshots some, it’s looking like a sniper’s dream from some corners.;-)


    1. THX bud 😀

      Yep, I plan to add more crates here and there later and possibly some pillars to break some LOS. But there will be areas that advantage hitscan weapon too, I think you will like that lol 😉


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