Players: 2 – 4
Version: B2
Released: 24-12-2020
Download: UTCC
Checksum: 44fc0192eeb756c84890fd6c75c76c6e

Story / Histoire

WTF… damn… my head… ouch… what is this place? What the hell am I doing here? What happened to me? Why am I dressed and equipped to… fight? Ho… wait a minute… there’s someone laughing over there, hmmm… and saying fucking bad words! What?!? Others shoot themselves! Damn, I was knocked out and dragged here to fight! Well damn it, whoever did this to me, he won’t be disappointed! I’m going to crush them all Ha, Ha, Ha!

Merde… ma tête… cette douleur… ça fait mal… c’est quoi cet endroit? Qu’est-ce-que je fous là? Que m’est t-il arrivé? Pourquoi suis-je habillé et équipé pour… combattre? Ho… une minute… il y a quelqu’un qui rit là bas, hummm… et dit des foutus gros mots! Quoi?!? D’autres se tirent dessus! Merde, j’ai été assommé et traîné ici pour me battre!! Bon et bien qui que ce soit qui m’a fait ça, il ne sera pas déçu! Je vais tous les écrabouiller Ha, Ha, Ha!




Put the files into ‘…UnrealTournament\UnrealTournament\Content’ directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.


Layout is base from one of my UT2004 favorite, DM-1on1-Painkiller by MozI. Both original and mine focus on duel. You can still play with more players depending on players skills.

My first interrogation was which assets pack I would use? Since I like using a different assets pack from map to map, I first imported in UT4 both Factory pack and Spaceship interior environment set pack. While both are fantastic packs, after many long hours of making them useful in UT4, I decided to put both packs aside and started to find another pack instead. I wanted a new sci-fi look for this map, my favorite theme in case you didn’t notice yet lol 😛

I choose the Scifi Kitbash level builder pack for the awesome sci-fi assets. The Scifi Kitbash level builder pack doesn’t have a huge asset choices to work with neither. I asked myself how would I be able to make a complete level without making it look boring 😮 I decided to use colors this time to cut the repetitiveness. In the “old” days, we use color stripes on walls to accomplish the same result to distinguish different areas. It’s the first time I do that since most previous packs have plenty of assets to use. It’s a different visual approach when your limited by the number of assets 🙂