Players: 6 – 10
Version: WIP
Released: n/a
Download: n/a
Forums: n/a

Story / Histoire





This level is very different from my previous maps. Visually, it’s a very abstract and clean environment. Also, technically, there are only 2 lights in this level, a skylight and a directional light, that’s it! Very cool, don’t you think 😀

My goal while building this thing, was to reach clean visuals and also use a very small amount of static meshes. There are 10 static meshes in all, 5 master materials and ±30 material instances.


  1. It looks fantastic ! Any chance we could test it ourselves ? Any progress on the DM-Aly remake for UT 4 ?

    I love DM-Delta, played it a lot with bots !

    Thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THX for the compliment 😀

      I seriously don’t know when I’ll release DM-Aly and DM-Aryth because I’m waiting the game to be updated at least at 4.19.2. An only Epic know when they’ll do the update… 😦

      There are errors when I’m rebuilding DM-Aly in 4.15 and I presume most of them will vanish with a newer engine version. Errors are about UV’s and LOD’s.

      As for DM-Aryth, it hasn’t reach a state that I’m satisfied with, I’m still working hard on it.

      It make me happy to read that you play with DM-Delta 🙂

      Have a nice day.


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