Name: Mako
Game type: CTF / Greed
Version: 1.0
Players: 2 – 4
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Released: 01 / 01 / 13
Downloads: GoogleDrive, MediaFire
Forums: Epic

Story / Histoire

Mako is a place where your skills will be tested alone or in a team. This base is one of a series of facilities owned by Mako Inc. and is considered the gateway to recruit participants who have the best skills to become tournaments champions. These future champions are then eligible to choose among the other larger facilities where the difficulties are much greater. However, the champions outside tournaments are entitled to live a luxurious and glorious life! Are you a champion?

Mako est un endroit ou vos habiletés seront mis à l’épreuve en solo ou en équipe. Cette base figure parmi une série d’installations détenues par Mako Inc. puis est considéré comme étant la porte d’entrée pour recruter des participants qui possèdent les meilleurs habiletés à devenir champion de tournois. Ces futurs champions sont ensuite éligibles à choisir parmi les autres installations de plus grande envergure d’où les difficultés sont beaucoup plus grandes. Néanmoins, les champions en dehors des tournois ont droit à une vie luxuriante et glorieuse! Êtes-vous un champion?


Extract the archive into “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it. The archive contains :



For this map, I inspire myself from one of my favorite reverse CTF UT2004 map, CTF-1on1-Xerosis by Raffi_B. To get started, I remake the layout and adapt it for UT3, put same the pickups at the same place. As the dev was going on, I’ve kept the layout like the original but made many changes so flow and gameplay are much different. As for the theme, atmosphere, sounds, music, effects, etc it is completely different from the original. Everything was made from scratch with the Stevie’s vision I must say 🙂 This is my first reverse CTF and I like it quite a lot and I wish you have some good fights on this level, enjoy 😀


– The map use a clean-industrial-techy look built from 100% custom materials which I’ve made all from scratch coming from custom textures (see readme credits)
– Custom bubbles, custom decals (Mako Inc.), custom lensflare
– When the Belt spawn, a sonar type of sound will be hear
– The map as been optimized for Team CTF


  1. Just played it Steve. Beautiful stuff. You are a BSP master now! Love the overall clean look and perfect use of Cr4zy’s textures. Nice choice of skies too. Congrats on getting this one done Steve!


  2. i’m not one to say a boatload about maps i’ve found here, but i do know quality, and Mr Lois has that in heaps and bounds. downloading now. if i don’t get back here with some feed back, thank you for your work.


  3. looks great, good coloring/contrast and use of textures. I really like the “clean techy” environment you created.


  4. Very nice work Steve!

    I love the clean visuals on this one. All the textures go together nicely and I really like ya shiny pipes bro! 😀

    While I’m honestly not a big fan of ‘backwards CTF’ I think it was a very smart move for this map as it plays perfectly with the layout!


  5. Excellent!! Thanks for another one Steve. As you know CTF is my favorite game type and the one i’ve played the most through the years tight action fast and furious maps are a blast, reverse is even better, we have a custom version of CTF-Thorns reversed … we usually warm up with against Inhuman bots on the LAN – its no easy fight let me tell ya .. – Mako will be in the rotation of our LAN sessions in the future.

    Its great to see you doing a remake like this with your own style & vision. 🙂


  6. lol, i finally have find some time to try ur baby…like each time i was trapped by the reverse thing and even bots was lost while watching me looping around the bases…
    after some bullets all was fine of course, the map is very well done and the coloring brings some life in UT3 , very bright, colored and lightly…
    i liked the lil details like the bubbles in the water
    i found the bots not very comfortable to go out of the water and i have kill lot of them @ this moment

    i ve add the map on our little server , it s the perfect CTF for a 6 slots old schooled server
    thx for ur work bro, keep it up 😀


  7. The style reminds me a lot of CTF-Orestes by Ignotium…. which is one of my favorite CTF maps. So, the map is pleasing already visually. But the reverse gameplay with the water ponds makes it even better. Fun little map, a lot to enjoy. Keeper.


  8. Nice map! I was a bit skeptical at first (the few times I’ve tried 1on1 CTFs before it didn’t really work out) but I had some fun and frantic matches 🙂
    I wish water movement would be a bit faster but probably there isn’t anything you can do about it, the water routes IMO feel a bit too dangerous in comparison to the rest of the map.

    Visuals are top notch, it looks brilliant :D. Great job!


  9. Love the global style (color tech) ;
    Gameplay is just like I like in UT : Wild and fast 😀
    Keep up the great work !


  10. rCTF, that’s a switch. Well I can’t leave without saying, I’m surprised how well this game mode fits the map. All in all the textures and deco looks very cool, the use of bright colors are a real asset to this map, they really gel together! Quite a compelling, vibrant clean and uncluttered map. Top work!


  11. Very nice map bro 😀 Would not expected anything else coming from you! Layout, lightning, and all the custom textures/assets once again really work on this map. I also love what you did with the water (such a clean transparency) and those custom bubbles are very nice. And omg nice, what is that sonar sound? (Submarine war!) Oh its the belt spawning!


  12. At first I didn’t think I had the inspirational map for this one, but it seems I do as the UT2004 map CTF-FBU-1on1-Xerosis (which is rather dark and a fun reverse CTF map for UT2004). This new map for UT3 is more open, colorful, brighter, has a skybox, piping and great custom textures/meshes. I like the underwater scene with water, bubbles, pickups (esp. flak cannon), generators and trim/designs. I like other features of the map as well as including the indicator sonar sound for the belt, lighting, decals, lensflare, theme, connectivity, flow and layout. The bots have trouble with the water, but even I have trouble getting out for some reason… it just takes longer than it should but it seems more of a game mechanics problem. The bot can put up a good fight in this one also.


  13. This map is really a fun map, because on one side it reminds me pretty much of CTF-1on1-Joust from UT2004, yet on the other side it feels and looks awesome! I like this colorful lighting and fresh ambiance. All in all, it is a awesome map, because it makes a lot of fun. There is just no time to rest, hehe! Keep up the good work, mate!!! 🙂


  14. I like it, the map has a very clean look. Textures and Meshes are used in a great way, not too much and not too little, lighting is colorful with the help of the textures, very simple layout with some interesting stuff going on underwater.

    Personally I might have enjoyed it even more if there had been some z-axis action going on.

    The lens flare looks very good but UT3’s way of dealing with lens flares really blows.

    Top notch work Steve, the map has a very unique look and is unlike anything you’ve done before, bsp, lighting and meshing is extremely polished.


  15. Splendid atmosphere/visuals, perfect lighting, layout, BSP, great use of custom textures/meshes (actually it’s from Cr4zy’s textures), various pipes, and nice skybox with lens flare. This map’s style is much like (or inspired by) the two UT2004 maps: the default CTF-1on1-Joust (there’s a UT3 version of the map with different versions by various authors, might search for it/them) and the custom CTF-1on1-Hourglass by Hazel.H, as well as Raffi_B’s first “reverse” CTF map for UT3 1on1-Xerosis from the FragBU Bonus Pack, as you spawn at the opposing base and an opposing flag. There must be an interesting underwater area with items for leisure, and of course nice custom bubbles as well. Fun Joust-like gameplay and the bots are good.


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