Custom music

I made this tutorial because I wanted to add my own music track that also include the right stingers. By using this method you’ll be sure stingers are set right. Not that you can’t make your own music file but by using a stock music arrangement as a base guarantees that stingers are all set up properly without having to worry about finding them after. The stingers are sounds that play when a player gets a mega-kill, multi-kill, capture a flag, etc.

1. Start the Editor, open a stock map that is using the same game type as your map (CTF, DM, VCTF, ect). They’re located in …\UT3\UTGame\CookedPC\Maps & …\UT3\UTGame\CookedPC\Private\Maps. For my example, since I’m working on a DM map, I choose DM-Sanctuary as my template.

2. In the main menus, go in View -> World Properties. Now expand the categories & locate the field MapMusicInfo (World Properties -> MyMapInfo -> UTMapInfo -> MapMusicInfo). We can see that DM-Sanctuary uses A_Music_RomAsia02_DM which is located in the A_Music_Arrangements package. Close the World Properties window.

3. Now, close the stock map & open yours. Open the generic browser, locate the package A_Music_Arrangements.Tracks, right click & select Full load in the contextual menu.

To continue, we need to copy / paste the music asset. If you want to duplicate, rename or delete an asset (in the window at the right) by right clicking on it, you will see that all options in the contextual menu aren’t available. Go now in the Log tab & locate the command line at the bottom. Now, you have to use the proper syntax or else, you will end up with a warning message in the log windows just above. The syntax to use is as follow :

obj savepackage file=[location & name of the temporary package] package=[Epic package to duplicate]

Take note that when you do the ‘savepackage’ you don’t open the package that it save. The file that is saved is just a temporary stream, so it is best to point the ‘file=’ to a temporary folder and use a garbage file name such as C:\Temp\ToDelete.pkg since that is a meaningless file that you can delete later. The [Epic package to duplicate] is the package you want to duplicate. In our case, it’s A_Music_Arrangements package since the music asset is in this package. So the correct syntax to type is as follow & press enter when finish :

obj savepackage file=C:\Temp\ToDelete.pkg package=A_Music_Arrangements

4. Return to the Generic tab, select A_Music_RomAsia02_DM to the right & know by clicking with the right button of your mouse, in the contextual menu, the duplicate option should be available. The window that appear is the destination where you want to duplicate the asset. The 3 field are important & should be filled with the correct info. This is how it should be fill & click the OK button when everything is filled up :

Package = Select your map in the scrolling menu.
Group = Not essential but very practical. It is better that you create several groups in your map package. This will help you stay organize when you begin to have multiple assets included in your map. Since all my sounds stuff are in the same folder, I choose Sounds.
New name = The name of the new asset. Since it’s my map music base, I choose MyMusic.

5. Go now in your map package. While your in your map package, click on File -> Import. Navigate to wherever you have your music and import it (mine is named MusicFile). A quick note about music. It needs to be in WAV format. No AAC, OGG, MP3 format. A little tip ; if you have access to a sound editor, you can convert the stereo track to mono instead of stereo unless your aiming to use some specials effects on the left-right channels. On the import window, make sure the Package is the name of your map, make sure the Name doesn’t have any spaces or specials characters in it, leave it simple and also check bAutoCreateCue. Click the OK button when your ready.

6. Now, this should add 2 new files to your map package ; a USound file (MusicFile) and a USound CUE file (MusicFileCue). Right click on the USound CUE file (mine is MusicFileCue), go to Sound Groups and select Music.

7. Double click your UT Music file you created (mine is named MyMusic) and expand all the music parts. Select your USound CUE in the generic browser (mine is MusicFileCue), and assign it for every single option. Keep the stingers part of the UT Music file minimized, just leave those alone. Close this windows when finish.

8. Make sure your UT Music file is still selected, go to your View -> World Properties, locate the field MapMusicInfo (step # 2) and assign the music line to your UT Music file by clicking the green arrow on the far right. If there is nothing under MapMusicInfo, you must create the structure. Click the blue down arrow on the far right, select UTMapInfo.

9. Now, save your map and your done. If the music is too loud or too quiet, you can change the volume by right clicking on the CUE file and opening the Sound Cue Editor. Clicking on the speaker, you can affect the volume by changing the Volume Multiplier at the bottom. The default is 0.75. You must play your map to find the most adequate volume. In my case I did a bit of mixing after I import my WAV file. For non-stop music (looping), you must add a Looping function so music will play indefinitely. The Mixer function will mix 2 sounds together. The Delay function will add a delay before playing the sound. Of course you must do a right click, add the functions, link them and set them for you needs.

Mod authoring for the PS3

You can now import mods for PS3 using Epic tools. This means that many of the latest and greatest mods, especially TC Mods using entirely original assets, can now be ported over for the entire PS3 community to enjoy. Install the tools (PS3ModTools v2.1) from here on top of your existing UT3 installation which enable the cooking of PC mods for use on the PS3. Your UT3 must be patched to 2.1 version minimum. Also, if your using custom sound, you need to install the custom sound tools available here.

Hope it help & if this as help you enhance your map, I’ll be happy you let me know 😉


  1. I didn’t realize you archived this here. Keep your site up forever Steve in case I lose my notes on this LOL :P.


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