Cinematics and environments

This page is the continuity for UE4 of my previous UE3 scenes and environments page. Many projects are awesome but don’t have any video so I can’t add them here, sadly 😦 These are various projects made by individuals or Epic. Good watching 😀

Abandoned train station by Svend Kruse Rønslund

Abandoned warehouse by Filipe Gonçalves

Ancient civ’s lost and found by David Bailey

Ancient towns by Ma Chuang

ArchViz / Biotic by LeFx

ArchViz / Blow by Murray Bateman

ArchViz / Cinematic part 1 by Bryan Howard

ArchViz / Classroom by FER students

ArchViz / Crematory in Berlin by Mateusz Klepadło

ArchViz / Interactive virtual room system demo by Noon Technology

ArchViz / Interior by Gökhan Çalışkan

ArchViz / Jazz inside by VREM

ArchViz / Light walls house by Mateusz Klepadło

ArchViz / Loft by LeFx

ArchViz / London loft by CG Cloud

ArchViz / Modern apartment by Unreal Engine Architecture

ArchViz / Real life versus real time by AVR London

ArchViz / San Francisco loft by LINEOFFICE Architecture

ArchViz / Scandinavian by CG Cloud

ArchViz / Showroom by Mateusz Klepadło

ArchViz / Ty Hedfan by IVR-Nation

ArchViz / Unreal Paris 1.2 – virtual tour by Benoit Dereau

ArchViz / Winter bedroom by Mateusz Klepadło

ArchViz / Z3 stara praga by Piotr Główka

Beyond human by Handi D. Putra

Blade Runner fan-art by Wiktor Öhman

Breaking bad, the superlab by Cameron Mitchell

Bully by Wesley Arthur

Cathedral island by Aleksejs Zemskovs

CyberNeon by Junliang Zhang

Desert oasis by Chris B Mathews

Desert retreat by Juraj Talcik, Matus Talcik and Veronika Demovicova

Dread (re-lighting) by Jeffy Zachariah

Epic Elemental demo

Epic Infiltrator demo

Epic Kite demo

Epic matinee fight scene

Epic matinee fight scene redux

Epic Paragon trailer

Experimenting… by Joe Plant

Fantasy cave by Denis Rutkovsky

Forgotten sanctuary by Marcus Aurelius Klonek

Frequences by Andréanne Drolet

Future mine by Denis Rutkovsky

Goodbye, soldier by Adrián

Japanese school by Jason Wesner

Lighthouse Shore by Everett Gunther

Mansion hall by Joel Zakrisson

Megascans jungle by Quixel Suite

Miss Daisy, a real-time comic short by NAD students

Modular sci-fi office by Ruslan Nazirov

Nautical luxury by Valerie Do

NyLeve Falls Remake by Ludvík Koutný

Office scene, day and night by Andrew Jonsson

Old Industrial site by Svend Kruse Rønslund

Overgrown hall environment by Svend Kruse Rønslund

Photogrammetry graduation project by Danny Flu

Remote facility by Sascha Henrichs

Rin city train station by Rinaldo Tjan

Sampa – São Paulo futurista by Thiago Klafk

Scifi reactor room by Matthias Schmidt

Scottish manor by Zack Parkinson

Sherlock Holmes’ 221B Baker street by Elliott Lambert

STICS by Hanway Lin, Derek Ho and Khang Nguyen

Sunrise by Martin Teichmann

Sun turbine by Luke Neubaum

Swedish mechs by Wiktor Öhman

Tavern in the folk style by alien2010sd

That morning by the lake by Svend Kruse Rønslund

The better days by Konstantinos Kontokostas

The mustang project by André Wahlgren

The Pharaoh’s tomb by Stefan Oprisan

The shuttle by Matt Needler

The weeping gateway by Kyle Hall

Uprising by Sebastian Maurer

Vipp shelter by Andrew Augustyniak

Weapons research facility by Jason Wesner

Well of initiation by Peter Schwaegerle

Witch cottage by Ishmael Elsherbeiny

X-Men, Cerebro by Cameron Mitchell