UT99 / 200x

DM-Backup by Quillion, a UT99 level, added to my UT99 stuff!

Yep, another awesome 1on1 UT99 level added in my collection 😀 Also great with 4 players 🙂

From the author :

It’s a loooong time since i posted a map, so here it is. The map is sort of indust and metals I think it flows well and is pleasing to the eye. The map really is 1on1 but can handle more, I’ve spent sometime making the bots play well too. Hope you enjoy!

BU link

DM-Tenshi by Dan “Green” Rožañski added to my UT2004 fav maps

Another UT2004 must have map 😀

This map as been sitting on my HDD since it’s release but I needed to reinstall UT2004 in order to play this level. It took me long time to finally reinstall it but it’s better late than never 🙂

It’s really an awesome map. It look amazing, sound, feel great, play well so what do you want more ???

Grab it at his webpage 🙂 Leave a comments on BU forums.

DM-Tier by DarkED as been added to my UT 99 fav maps

I don’t add UT 99 content very often these days but when I just found a map that look so good and feel right, you bet I’ll advertise it 😀 Before noticing the pickups, I thought it was a UT3 level lol just to tell how much I found it great looking !!!

BU link

CTF-Retribution by Christian ‘Berjj’ Berg, a awesome UT2004 level!

This map is simply awesome, I love it & add it to my top UT204 maps. For those who still play UT2004, enjoy 😀

BU link

DM-Perihelion mining by Aalexanderrr, a UT99 map added to my hot stuff!

Yep, a awesome UT99 level that as been in the making since 2 years & it’s a blast indeed 😀

From the author :

“2 years in production. I originally wanted to make a CTF map but seeing that 1\2 of CTF layout pretty much exceeds about 2\3 of Ued Node Limit, I decided to go for DM arena.”

BU link

DM-PerfectDarkTemple by ~Jefe~ added to my list of my fav UT2004 maps

I don’t add UT2004 content very often these days.

The map is very good and reading the author dev progress, a lot of work as been put in this level. It’s a simple level but since it’s really well made, I add it to my fav UT2004 maps. Epic link.