UE4 stuff

Lovebirds by Arthur Tasquin

Lovebirds by Arthur Tasquin, a awesome look & feel environnement with a amazing music track and professional video editing 😀 Only word fitting for me is WOW! Epic forum thread right here 🙂

Museum and art gallery slideshow by PixelFox147

I’m not a fan of classic music nor this type of scene, BUT, it’s refreshing, unusual and very well made 😀

Textures look very HQ, really like the “grain” aspect of many of them. Lighting represent very well the kind of lighting we can see in common museum. You can leave your comments at his Epic thread 🙂

Dream II: Spire Fortress by Ismael

Dream II: Spire Fortress is Ismael second audio-visual experiment rendered real time in UE4. It was a map that he designed for Voidrunner, their first game in RealityArts. He made it in 2017 but revised it recently for this flyby. He wanted to combine gothic and Ottoman architecture in a psychedelic environment. Music also composed & performed by him too!

Beton by Vladimir Lepotic

Saw this scene some time ago but forgot to share it. Beton is Vladimir Lepotic small scene in Unreal 4 of some abandoned place.

One day, I would like to make a map that have this minimalist approach with some foliage 🙂

Porsche 911 – 50 Years by aurelarchi

I don’t post car video often, except if it’s really well made 😀 This is the case right here. Lovely and well made presentation 🙂 The model, lighting, visual animation in the background, all well done and the music fits good too imho.

Only “negative” aspect I could see is that I would had like to see the interior of the car as well. It look like a superb interior but it’s completely missing in the presentation, shame 😦

Ortho by nature by Steven Fayers

A very well made Unreal Engine learning project, done in a few weeks at Christmas by Steven Fayers, based on an original house design by Apollo architects based in Japan. Originally planned to be just a few interiors, he decided to later add a few exterior scenes to make more use of the music track.