Dutch Virtual World Builders inspired by Moon build Sarang Base

Have you ever wanted to explore a space station ? Rachel Van Der Meer got in touch with Moon Director Duncan Jones and Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery recently to let them know that along with fellow students at the NHTV In Breda, Netherlands, she had built a virtual Moon base. A Moon base that can be entered, walked around, and interacted with 😀

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it ! ! !

Top 5 – Game engines of the future by Game Thirst

I’m aware of many game engines, like Crytek engine, EvE Trinity engine, ID Soft engine, Valve engine and knew some was “in house”. In this video, we discover some “in house” engine. Very interesting and well made video 🙂 These are Game Thirst top 5 game engines of the future 😀

Unreal Engine highlights from E3

I was browsing the Unreal Engine highlights from E3 official page. I’m amaze to see how many awesome games are running with the Unreal engine! So I thought that my followers can look at the page which show the versatility and capabilities of the Unreal Engine 😀

Epic licenses UE3 for federal training software

Epic Games has teamed up with Virtual Heroes, a firm specializing in interactive learning simulation software for the healthcare, federal and corporate markets, announcing a long-term agreement that will see their new Unreal Engine 3 technology used for law enforcement training purposes.

That means the gaming engine behind Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect 3 titles is set to be used to assist with training of new recruits in various law enforcement agencies, including the FBI Academy.

Virtual Heroes, a division of Applied Research Associates Inc, will be licensing the UE3 technology to various agencies of the US government, as well as their allies. The announcement also detailed that support for the game engine will be expanded for use in web browsers, as well as consoles and handheld devices.

“We recognize the growing market needs of our government customers and are excited to have Virtual Heroes provide a full spectrum of focused services and support using our game engine technology,” said Epic Games president and board member Michael Capps, who was also the lead programmer and producer of recruitment video game America’s Army.

UE3 will be used to build training tools like “multiplayer crime scene training simulations” for the FBI and other government agencies as part of a new project called the Unreal Government Network (UGN).

“Virtual Heroes is committed to providing world-class support to our licensees to ensure that all UE3 solutions achieve the best possible results across multiple platforms,” said Jerry Heneghan, founder of Virtual Heroes. He continued, “our technical and creative staff is uniquely qualified to provide a new standard of responsive, personalized service to government customers worldwide.”

More information including the latest UE3 features available for developers is set to be revealed by representatives of both companies at the Defense GameTech Users’ Conference.

UE3 features highlight 2012

Simply put, Unreal Engine 3 just amaze me ! Dunno how it can be better even if Epic mentioned that UE4 will be showcase shortly (this March if I remember correctly). The list of integrated features is just, well, see by yourself lol 😀

Samaritan real-time demo running on a single next-gen NVidia ‘Kepler’ GPU

Last year at the Game Developers Conference, Epic unveiled the jaw-dropping Samaritan demo, a look at the next generation of video games graphics. Created in a dark, futuristic setting, Blade Runner style. Therefore, the demo required 3 NVidia GeForce GTX 580s !!! This time, the demo is running on a single next generation NVidia graphics card 😀 Talk about power !

Read the full article here 🙂 And enjoy the new updated demo !

Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock on PC, PS3, and PS Vita

Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock made by Supermassive Games, will be release for PC, PS3, and PS Vita via UE3 in March 2012. It will be the first PS Vita game powered by the engine.

The game look & sound very cool. Not to mention it is very accurate when you compare with the TV series, which is awesome 😀

Papo & Yo teaser, have licensed Unreal Engine 3

Papo & Yo is the story of a young boy, Quico, and his best friend, Monster. Monster is a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth, but that doesn’t scare Quico away from playing with him. That said, Monster does have a very dangerous problem: an addiction to poisonous frogs. The minute he sees one hop by, he’ll scarf it down and fly into a violent, frog-induced rage where no one, including Quico, is safe. And yet, Quico loves his Monster and wants to save him.

As Quico, players will build their friendship with Monster by solving puzzles together and adventuring through a magical, surrealist world. Players will need to learn to use Monster’s emotions, both good and bad, to their advantage if they want to complete their search for a cure and save their pal.

Official weareminority website.