DM-Mariane, post # 1

This post is concerning my next level 😀

Story : Mariane is the name of a famous tough Necris female, a well known fighter who as won all of the fights in this desolated place… well at least, not the last one, it can’t goes like that forever… The place was call Mariane after her death in the honor of this great fighter.

Since it’s more convenient to show the dev and gather comments on a forum rather then my blog, I’ve made a dev thread on UOF that I intent to update once in a while.

This is what the level is all about :

– I’ll use simple meshing for the deco. I mean nice to look at but not to much meshes witch result in heavy polycount. Few houses, towers and simple architectures with arches here & there.
– I’ll use some of the Necris assets only. The one I found to be the nicer for my taste (I don’t like much of them but I found some to look awesome lol).
– I’ll use meshes that have the Turkish look & will apply a clean material so it contrast more with the dark rock material. Only the Belt area will use some damaged / burned material. I’ll use clean BSP floor too.
– I’ll use many blue trims, floor tiles to add more contrast to the scene which I really love.
– No saturation & a nice color mix of yellow to red for the surrounding with a blue tint for the shadows.
– No ugly tentacles nor green stuff nor green fog. Classic look all the way instead (orange – blue). The lower part of the fog is orange while the higher part is blue.
– For a change, I’ll go for a lava theme, something new for me 🙂

I don’t have any planned release date yet. At least I can say I started this level right after DM-Mégane was released and I work on it in my spare time.

THX for following and commenting my UOF thread 😉


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