UDK November 2010, what a astonishing trailer !

I don’t post news like that since all other big news site do the job. This time is different, Epic celebrates the first UDK birthday with this new November 2010 beta release. The latest release includes this new demo map, along with a number of additional tweaks. I will definitely grab the UDK in a near future 😀

When you start the trailer, you can change the video settings to look at it in HD 720p 😉


  1. Just watched and it does look very, very nice (like the CryEngine). While I would love to use some of the cool features in the UDK, I won’t because I don’t want to make a map that looks “pretty”, but no one can really play it.

    If that was the case, i could always learn a modeling program. Such is life.


  2. TBH, I really like some of the meshes they use in the demo map & it’s the kind of meshes I would had use in Fatima if there was include with UT3.

    Since I’ve follow other UDK projects since the beginning, I plan to use many of those new meshes in my next “natural” map (stones, foliage & such). I plan to duplicate those meshes from UDK to UT3 & it should work without any prob I guess 🙂

    I think (like most stock maps), it look pretty & FPS is ok. By curiosity, I’ll try it when time come with my current rig to see how it perform.


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